Kenneth Blom

Luisa Catucci gallery. Art Basel-Volta. Kenneth Blom-Aqua Aura-Manuela Tosellis

10/6 - 15/6  2019

The red line bonding the works of the artists Kenneth Blom, Aqua Aura, and Manuela Toselli is the subtle “existential attitude”: a sense of disorientation in the face of an apparently meaningless, absurd world. Resonant architectural spaces, exactly represented or just suggested, underline the feeling of solitude and fabricfuddle we all experience from time to time, meanwhile we discover that are exactly those feelings to push to the urgent introspective action bringing us the necessary strength for catharsis, comprehension and harmonic evolution.

Louisa Catucci gallery.Berlin

Blom’s paintings address the relationships between the human figure and big empty spaces. Architectural structure is clearly an important part of his work, rendered with gestural brushstrokes and vivid color, and his figures are depicted with the same blend of vagary and precision. These elements combine to create psychologically independent, solitary worlds.

Aqua Aura’s meta-photography at first glance might seem frozen in a moment of perfect aesthetic, deprived by all human reality, but actually they draw from to the artist most intimately: his fears, hopes, dreams, not only for himself, but for the whole humanity and planet. Inviting the observer to a subtle reflection on our philosophical, moral and consequently ecological standing point, as individuals and as society.

Manuela Toselli’s silk creations are the result of an abstraction process and personal coding of everyday life. The silk holds a great conceptual existentialist value because, in order to be produced, the silkworm is killed before it completes its metamorphosis from chrysalis to butterfly. The architectural references in her creations are more aleatory, but strongly perceived thanks to the combinations of fabric and streams. Toselli’s architecture results as trapping and distressing as much as dynamic and liberating, a contradiction typical of the human soul seeking answers.

Kenneth Blom · `Endless` Luisa Catucci gallery · 2019 · 140 x 160 cm

`Endless` Luisa Catucci gallery
140 x 160 cm

Kenneth Blom · `Antibes`. Luisa Catucci gallery · 2019 · 140 x 160 cm

`Antibes`. Luisa Catucci gallery
140 x 160 cm

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